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Imitation is the foundation of all human learning.

Whether you're learning to speak a language, play an instrument or program a computer, imitation will be a big part of it.

Nobody should feel bad about imitating others when learning something new. 🤓👍

I post on Reddit:

"Looking for more people to join my friends and family on our Minecraft server." <---- that's paraphrased, but still...

Hugh-Jainis has invited you to chat: "I'd love to join your server."


You know you’re an adult when you miss trash day and it ruins your entire week. 🗑️

- @kev

I've decided on third-party hosting for our Java server. No whitelist for now, while we wait for 1.17.


I need some people to log into our Java server for load testing. max of 10 people, no whitelist at the moment. Here's the IP:port info

Thanks in advance if you can stop by and spend some time there!

"Wow! You make people miserable and there's nothing they can do about it. Just like God."
- Homer Simpson

"So how much ram are we talking, on a scale from going to the moon to displaying a web page"

Oooo kaaaaay. Let's try another question. So far though, either you guys aren't very helpful or I'm not asking the right way.

It's probably me right?

Best way to backup a Linux workstation? The ability to re-install and then shoot the backed up file structure back in place is what I'm looking for.

Hey all you penguin herders! Is there a way that I can restrict my package manager to only update to version N-1 of any given package?

I'm sure that depends on the package manager and I'm completely ignorant of how they differ, so if someone can let me know if I have any options, that would be awesome :D

#Keyoxide 2.5.0 just launched with support for #matrix and #irc identity verification 🎉

More communication platforms!

Details can be found in the blog post: yarmo.eu/post/keyoxide-project

#decentralized #identity #encryption #openpgp #pgp #gpg

The dumber you are, the fewer dumb people you have to put up with.


@thewismit ...rainbows and glitter. The glitter is important. It contains properties of reverse-entropy. If at some point in your life have the blessed honor of walking through the sparkling cloud of a unicorn fart, the glitter will grant you the power to negate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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